PandaMania Vacation Bible School 2011 was an unforgettable experience for all who attended, worked, or simply observed. Vernetta Sorrells headed up the registration team of Dan Pugh and Jo Ann Leonard. Although we were down a bit in the participation of children ages 4+ through 12, the enthusiasm, camaraderie, and dedication of the workers was incredible. This leader heard more than once “Wow, I just cannot get over the real involvement of our young people who were helpers and leaders of groups. I have never seen such involvement, and I have been in many church vacation Bible schools.” Linda Foster and Meagan Lee made sure the kids had some “wild Bible adventures” and Meagan stepped right up to the plate to assume full responsibility when Linda left on Wednesday to take her grandchild on a pre-planned trip to New York City. Among her recruits was her Grandpa Jim, who assumed the role of a fireman one day, and Peter, complete with robe, on another day. Good job, Meagan, and thanks, Linda for all your help. We were blessed to have Blade Pool, one of Jaime Alexander’s good friends and Jaime help Dan Pugh with the games. Congratulations for a job well done. Even when we had a “rain day”, all went very well. Pam Heidt and all her helpers outdid themselves with the crafts they chose. Thanks to all of you. Thursey Sutton has recruited another helper in the kitchen for next year: Elza LeBrun. The snacks were just perfect…and Martha Berkebile has once again exceeded her high standard of cookies from last year. This year she made cookies in the shape of the cross. She couldn’t find a cross-shaped cookie cutter, so she made one…some people are really creative. Millie Shepherd, my friend from years ago, drove from Tivoli every morning to help Sally Huff with their group. Many thanks to Justin Lee and John Edwards for leading groups and contributing greatly to the spirit of the VBS. It was wonderful that Marissa Kuertz could be with us on the last day. (She had been working in Art Link the first four days of the week.) One exciting moment to share: the children had bamboo sticks, which they used for noisemakers on some songs. Guess who came running in to me with her finger stuck in one of those sticks???? Not one of the children, but my Meagan…I ran to the sink and poured some liquid soap on the spot, and as quickly as the finger went in, the finger slipped out. It was reported that one of our workers had an oppor-tunity to work a day, but told his boss that he really couldn’t because being at VBS was more important. Every year at Vacation Bible School is a blessing to this director for different reasons each year. Woody Woodard came the first day and documented regis-tration and every part of the first day. You may see the pictures on St. Peter’s website. This year I was blessed to see real leadership roles assumed in different ways. I saw young people rise to the occasion in becoming involved with the children. I witnessed great maturity in our young men who worked with groups and led games. I saw relationships formed. I observed one day when every single person in the parish hall was involved in the singing and the motions of the day. Some adults came every day just to be avail-able in case of an emergency. I loved being a part of a week that was ALL ABOUT CHILDREN… And, of course, VBS would be incomplete without John Hill who came every morning to portray PandaMania Pete who wanted to be a panda, but finally realized that God loved him just as he was. What fun!!!! Thank you, John. Thank everyone for whatever part you played in our VBS this year, whether it was praying for us, giving us monetary support, or actually “giving of your body and energy” for a week or any portion thereof. I am always pleasantly amazed at how God provides for our annual VBS happening.  If you ever want to be a part of an all-loving, all-absorbing, all-powerful week where God’s love flows bountifully, think about being a part of the St. Peter’s Vacation Bible staff next year. Until then… I can hardly wait for next year
VBS Participants 2011
THURSEY SUTTON - Food Pinky Gonzalez (in spirit) - Crafts MEREDITH CARTER - Music and Chief patch ironer FRANCES REED - DIRECTOR PAM HEIDT – CRAFTS AL STEFFENS - CHADDER’S MOVIE MANIA Leader John Edwards - group leader MEAGAN LEE - WILD BIBLE ADVENTURES
Sally Huff - group leader Justin Lee - group leader DAN PUGH - Games Milby Wade - helper Sarah Shugart - group leader Ruth Douglas - (in spirit) Priscilla Terry- (in spirit) Blade Pool - helper in games Elza LeBrun – food Ann Martel - FOOD Millie Shepherd - group leader Judy White – Crafts VERNETTA SORRELLS - Registration John Hill - Theatrics and food Mary Adams - food Jean Van Eenenaam - (in spirit) Jaime Alexander - games Kay Scott - available on call JIM REED - Artist in residence Marissa Kuertz Margaret Goolsbee Yvonne and Les Moor LINDA FOSTER - WILD BIBLE ADVENTURES Vicki Kennedy Betsy Johns - group leader Jennie Taylor - group leader Judy White - Crafts Gerlinde Juhala
Nell Herring
Julien Heidt - assistant group leader
Roberta Williamson
Ella Brewer
Barbara Patton
Martha Berkebile
June Gregory
Jo Ann Leonard-registration DIANA SEBASTIAN - vital “behind the scenes” angel

Frances Reed
St.Peter's Episcopal Church
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