Welcome to St. Peter's Episcopal Church

For many people, walking into a new church for the first time can be a formidable experience, full of wonder but also full of uncertainties. 
St. Peter's is more than a lovely new building; it is a loving and growing family.  Everyone that passes through our doors is welcome here.  
You do not need to be born into the Episcopal tradition, nor do you need to be someone of much religious background or church experience.  
Our worship is unique, but it reaches out to a great variety of people on many different levels.  We hope that your first experience at St. Peter's 
will be pleasing and one that you will not forget, but most importantly we hope that you feel welcome here. 
If you are searching for a parish, we would like St. Peter's to be a  faith community you can call home.  
If you are visiting, we love having you with us  and you are always welcome back. 
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Serving the Rockport - Fulton Community 145 Years       And looking to serve into the future...
Becoming a Member 
One may worship at St. Peter's for any amount of time without officially "joining."  But, if you do worship with us and are interested in a more formal status of membership, please contact Fr. Jim Friedel, the Rector.  Being a member of St. Peter's allows one to participate more fully in the life, ministry, and governance of the parish.  If you are a confirmed Episcopalian, we would be glad to discuss "transferring" your official membership from a former parish.  If you come from another Christian tradition, you can begin the process of Confirmation or Reception into the Episcopal Church.  If you have never been baptized and find the grace of the Christian Faith here at St. Peter's, it is always a profound joy to prepare seekers of Faith for the mystery of Holy Baptism into the Body of Christ in this community.  Please contact Fr. Jim Friedel. 
St. Peter's Episcopal Church is located in the heart of Rockport at 555 Enterprise, next door to the post office.  For directions you can call our office or click the MAP - DIRECTIONS link above. 
The. Rev. Jim Friedel.